What do the abbreviations mean on the labels?

Here the abbreviations used on the cable harness connectors:

AM: A motor

BM: B motor

HO: Hotend heater 0

XY: X and Y endstops (only V2.4 variants)

XE: X Endstop (only SW, V0.1 and V1.8 variants)

E0: Extruder motor 0

T0: Thermistor 0

PF: Part cooling fan

HF: Hotend fan

BL (in earlier versions: PR): Bed leveling probe

CT: chamber thermistor (in Afterburner Toolhead PCB variants)

FS: filament sensor (for future use, not included yet)

24: 24V power supply (in Afterburner Toolhead PCB variants)

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