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Answers to frequently asked questions:


  • Is a BAT85 diode integrated in the harness?
    It depends. If you are going for an Afterburner PCB variant, the BAT85 diode is already on the PCB, so not necessary to be included in the harness. The same if you are going for a Spider board or a newer Duet, here the BAT85 is already included on the board. If you go for a SKR variant without the Afterburner PCB (V2.4 or Switchwire), the BAT85 will be place within the harness.
  • What do the abbreviations mean on the labels?
    Here the abbreviations used on the cable harness connectors: AM: A motor BM: B motor HO: Hotend heater 0 XY: X and Y endstops (only V2.4 variants) XE: X Endstop (only SW, V0.1 and V1.8 variants) E0: Extruder motor 0 T0: Thermistor 0 PF: Part cooling fan HF: Hotend fan BL (in earlier versions: PR): Bed leveling probe CT: chamber thermistor (in Afterburner Toolhead PCB variants) FS: filament sensor (for future use, not included yet) 24: 24V power supply (in Afterburner Toolhead PCB variants)
  • Which wiring is included in the harness?
    The harnesses include all  the PTFE (Heluflon) low voltage wiring between the controller board and the steppers/toolhead/extruder which needs to be heat resistant and be fed through drag chains. High-voltage wiring (e.g. to the heated bed or from the mains power inlet to the power supplies) or general power wiring is included as wiring DIY pack, which provides you all necessary components to build the auxiliary harness (not included in the Linneo Lite harnesses). Also if the existing wires stepper motors come with wire which can be used (because it doesn’t need to be PTFE) this is not included (e.g. the z stepper wiring for the Voron 2.4)
  • Which connector types are being used?
    The harnesses are built using JST XH connectors or MicroFit where needed. If the terminated end of a harness cannot plug directly into a component, the fitting counterpart connectors and pins are included.
  • Which printer variants are supported by Linneo harnesses?

    At the moment we are supporting:

    • Voron 0/0.1 (the Voron 0 can use the V0.1 harness, there will be a few wires spare, which can be used later on if you want to upgrade from 0 to 0.1)
    • Voron 2.4/Trident (250, 300 and 350 variants)
    • Voron Switchwire

    Special requirements (e.g. larger beds, taller z height, different electronics) can be supported on request, just contact us.

  • What is the delivery time?
    Every harness is made to order (except it is shown as “in stock” in this case the harness is ready for shipment immidiately) and has a delivery time as indicated on the article page.
  • Which versions of the Afterburner Toolhead PCB (by HartK) are the Linneo harnesses compatible with?
    The harnesses are compatible with versions 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 and V3.rabbit of the Afterburner Toolhead PCB (up to 15/04/2022). After that date all “toolhead compatible” harnesses have been made for the HartK Stealthburner PCB . Please select the correct configuration of the harness, when you order it.
  • Voron add-on PCBs

  • Why has the XY-Microswitch PCB only 4 pins?
    The X and Y switches are sharing the same ground potential on the PCB, so the second GND connection from the controller board isn’t needed to be wired to the PCB (you can choose if you wire in the X or Y GND). The Vin potential only needs to be wired to the toolhead if you are planning to use the hall-effect endstop PCB in future, it is not needed for the XY-microswich endstop. The fourth Vin pin is just a “parking” position for the Vin wire.
  • Which printers does the Afterburner Toolhead PCB (by HartK) fit on?
    All printers which can use the Afterburner Toolhead (V1.8, V2.4, Switchwire). The PCB cannot be used for the Voron 0 or 0.1.
  • Which version is the Afterburner Toolhead PCB?
    At the moment we are providing version V4.0 and V3.rabbit of the HartK Afterburner toolhead PCB.
  • Wiring diagram (SKR 1.4) for the HartK Tool Head PCBs (V3.1, V3.2, V4.0 and V.rabbit)

    Here the wiring diagram for the Afterburner Tool Head PCB:

    Afterburner PCB wiring diagram

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