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OneTwo3D @ SMRRF 2023

We had a great (and very busy) weekend at SMRRF 2023 (the first trade show attended by OneTwo3D). A huge thank you to E3D for organising it in such a perfect way, Leeroy from Linneo, LarZem, Ondsk14 (Nevermore) and pkElectronics for supporting us for the weekend, especially Anders for giving such a great talk on […]


OneTwo3D goes VzBot

OneTwo3D has been very Voron based for the last two years (and don’t be scared, we will continue to be so…) but there are more good DIY printers out there and the VZbot is one of them. As a consequence “OneTwo3D goes VzBot” We have decided to add more VzBot related products to our store […]

Getting Started…

First of all I needed to get my website/ecommerce shop going. If you aren’t very into the topic yet where would you start looking? You guessed it Shopify (nice anekdote aside, one of their founders went to the same high-school year as I did in Germany)… It was very easy to set up an initial […]

Hello (business) world!

Hello to my OneTwo3D blog.  Yet another blog you may think? I hope it will be an interesting one.  I will be writing about my experiences in setting up a small business from scratch, the highs (and lows) and anything interesting I had to master to get where I am now. A bit about myself […]


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