aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25


aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25

aeCoating NexABS-GF25 is one type 3D printing ABS filament with co-extrusion skin-core structure and 25% glass fibre to improve its mechanical properties.

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aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25
aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25 $60.95

aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25

This filament is the right choice if you want to print parts that need to have a very high mechanical stability paired with thin walls. To achieve this, this high-tech filament’s core is re-inforced by 25% chopped glass fibre whilst the outer shell is unfilled ABS resin providing a high bond strength.

The polymer fluid is always in a laminar flow state in the throat and nozzle. So the skin-core structure of filaments can be maintained even after being extruded through the nozzle. This skin-core structure not only contributes to the low shrinkage, warpage resistance and excellent mechanical properties which ordinary fibre-reinforced materials have. It also leads to stronger interlayer bonding performance for printed parts as well. It has fixed the defect that the ordinary fibre-reinforced material will lose the bonding strength between layers. Meanwhile, there is no floating fibre on the surface of the printed part, and the surface presents a bright matte texture.

Product features of aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25
  • Co-extrusion skin-core structure:
    aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25 is a new generation of industrial 3D printing filament. It features a skin-core structure achieved by using multi-layer co-extrusion technology. The outer ‘skin’ of the filament is a modified resin with high layer adhesion. The inner core is reinforced resin containing high chopped fibre content. The co-extrusion skin-core technology has greatly increased fibre content while maintaining the toughness of the filament. Thus improved the mechanical properties as well as heat resistance of printed parts.
  • Excellent layer adhesion:
    aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25 3D printing filaments have taken advantage of the laminar flow of polymeric fluids during the extrusion process. This maintains the stable skin-core structure even after the filament passes through the nozzle of the printer. Among many other fibre-reinforced filaments, Z-axis layer adhesion loss is always a common issue during printing. However, for aeCoating™ NexABS-GF25 3D printing filaments, the interlayer adhesion in Z-axis comes from the adhesion between the resin of the outer shell. This can completely avoid the layer adhesion loss caused by the fibres added. In addition, after being extruded through the nozzle, the inner core and outer layer of the filament are heated, melted and bonded together again. In this way, the adhesion between the core and skin can reach the optimal level and the fibres of the inner core can effectively withstand the force from outer layer resin in Z-axis. With these advantages, the Z-axis interlayer adhesion of the parts printed with aeCoating is further improved compared with those printed with pure resin filaments.
  • Reducing nozzle abrasive wear:
    During the extrusion process, the aeCoating can greatly reduce the wear of the nozzle. The material that slides against the inner wall of the nozzle is made of pure resin, which greatly limits the contact between the reinforcing fibres and the nozzle. At the same time, the skin-core structured filament can also help to avoid contact between the reinforcing fibres of the filament and extruders or throats, which prolongs the service life of the entire extrusion parts of the 3D printer.


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