Fysetc Doron Velta Kit


Fysetc Doron Velta Kit

An open-source Delta printer design which developed from an April fools joke idea…

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Doron-Velta Kit
Fysetc Doron Velta Kit $567.95

Fysetc Doron Velta Kit

An open-source Delta printer design which developed from an April fools joke idea…

But let’s the developer explain it himself:

I’ve never owned a Delta printer, but their unique design and mechanics have always fascinated me. As some of you may know, I contribute to maintaining Danger-Klipper, which involves testing various configurations and setups. In support of this work, Imac_29 (from the #pasteldenata) generously gifted me an FLSUN Q5. Interestingly, it never even saw the light of day in my home; I disassembled it on the very first day.

This all happened around SMRRF2023, where we humorously speculated that the Voron Design team would never release an official Delta design. What could be a better April Fool’s joke than that? So, I went with it.

Originally, the plan was to create an April Fool’s prank using the FLSUN Q5, printing parts to make it look like a Voron design. However, I ended up using just the Q5’s arms and nothing else. I gathered a collection of spare parts I had lying around, began measuring, and started designing in CAD. After various splits and merges, I had a design reminiscent of the Voron Trident that I was happy enough. It wasn’t complete but enough to share with other contributors.

DoubleT was immediately on board and decided to build one himself. Within hours of discussing it with me, he had already ordered half of the parts. Interestingly, he managed to get his version printing even before I did.

I want to make it clear that I don’t claim to have extensive CAD expertise or experience with Delta printers for this project, so please take my work with a grain of salt. My primary aim was, and remains, to explore Klipper firmware with Delta kinematics.

Yes, the printer works. Yes, it prints. Yes, it’s aesthetically pleasing. And yes, it’s far from being a perfect design. Most importantly, no, this is not an official project by Voron Design.


The toolhead doesn’t have the full bed travel. It will hit the panels and/or the belts. New interactions of the printed parts will improve this, but I can’t promise it will ever have the full bed travel without a major redesign. I appreciate any and all the feedback, but I want to ensure everyone understands the design limitations.

The kit contains everything listed in the official BOM except the Raspberry Pi and printed parts.

More info on GIT.

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