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Huvud 3D Printer Toolhead Board (V0.61)

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Huvud 3D Printer Toolhead Board (V0.61) US$57.95 Original price was: US$57.95.US$46.95Current price is: US$46.95.
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Huvud 3D Printer Toolhead Board (V0.61)

The Huvud 3D Printer Toolhead Board is a very small 3D printer board for use on a direct drive toolhead. It is designed to be used with Klipper firmware. Klipper has the awesome feature to be able to use multiple MCUs connected to the host over a (relatively) high latency connection. Using CAN bus it is possible to chain many boards using just a pair of twisted wires and power. A good solution for multiple head 3D printers.

The product picture is a symbolic picture. The final PCB will be black and version 0.61 of the Huvud board

Main power is 12-24V. 24V is preferred to keep the currents low.


Controller Board designed for use with Klipper firmware, especially for extruders to simplify wiring without losing features (USB bootloader pre-installed)

The HUVUD toolboard is designed to simplify wiring and configuration for extruders on klipper-based machines, which is particularily useful for toolchangers or extra large machines, but provides advantages for even the smallest of machines.

Key Features (V.61):

  • Simplifies Wiring for any extruder head down to 4 wires – you just need 24V supply (V+, V-) and CAN bus (Can_H, Can_L)
  • One TMC2209 stepper driver for the extruder
  • Two MOSFETs for fans
  • One big MOSFET for the hotend heater
  • Thermistor input
  • Support for an endstop (or filament runout sensor)
  • STM32F103 72Mhz 32bit ARM MCU
  • USB, for flashing firmware
  • Comes with 4pin Molex cable connector and crimps
  • Designed for serial tunneling through CAN
  • Now comes with modifiable traces to enable direct serial thru the 4pin header

I/O included:

  • 3x Endstop Pins (5v)
  • 2x Thermistor (compatible with thermistors and PT1000), now using a 0.1% pullup resistor for supreme high-temperature accuracy!
  • 2 PWM fan outputs
  • Heater Output – 6A MAX (~140W @ 24V)
  • 4 wire Stepper Motor
  • Single-connector CAN+Power
  • USB connector for Flashing Firmware and can double as backup signaling
  • TMC 2209 stepper driver with digital current control
  • Indicator LED’s for quick status updates
  • ADXL345 onboard for easy input shaping and future features

Pinout and hook up
Klipper configuration
CAN bus

More on Github

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