Nevermore Carbon refill (850ml/320-360g)


Nevermore Carbon refill

High Quality, acid free Nevermore3D Carbon refill from the Team that makes the Nevermore air filters for Voron printers.

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Nevermore Carbon refill (850ml/320-360g) US$10.95
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Nevermore Carbon refill

High Quality, acid free Nevermore3D Carbon refill from the Team that makes the Nevermore air filters for Voron printers.

This carbon is lasting up to 2x longer than traditional carbon pellets and captures more VOCs with its improved filtration surface.

  • Highly micro-porous and laboratory tested premium activated carbon, from a major european manufacturer
  • Market-leading VOC adsorbtion fine tuned for aromatic hydrocarbons emitted during 3D printing such as styrene, benzaldehyde, toluene, benzene, etc. [CTC >=80, benzene adsorbtion capacity up to 0.48g/g]
  • Market-leading surface area (storage capacity) of 1250m2/g!
  • Vacuum packed for minimal dust generation during shipping.
  • Vacuum dedusted during the packaging process for immediate use in 3d printers

Nevermore vs Regular Carbon

One pack contains 850ml/320-360g, which will give you

  • 6 refills of the Nevermore XL cartridge
  • 7 refills of the standard Nevermore V5 Duo cartridge
  • 12 refills of the Nevermore V4 cartridge

One cartridge lasts in average between 50hrs and one month, so one bag should keep you going for at least 6 months.

After opening the vacuum bag, it can be easily resealed with the integrated zip strip for keeping your carbon fresh for longer.

Nevermore carbon comes “de-dusted” which in combination with the hardened pellets reduces carbon dust generation. This allows immediate use without the annoying “dedusting process”.

A message from the Nevermore team:

Hi there, Nevermore Carbon user!

I once believed most activated carbons were equal.

A year later, I’ve run into bad carbon, old carbon, macroporous aquarium carbon, microporous coconut carbon, mesoporous bamboo carbon, low surface area carbon, acid carbon, alkaline carbon, washed carbon, printer oxidising carbon, and the list goes on…

I take it back – all carbons are not equal. You have to adjust carbon source, porosity, surface area, pH, and any washings or surface treatments to catch what specific VOCs or impurities you intend to catch.

I want to catch 3D printer VOCs; mainly from ABS, but also from ASA, PC and Nylons. And resin if possible.

This carbon does, or so I’m told. Specifications wise, it’s perfect. Highly microporous, but of variable microporosity to catch both smaller styrene/benzene equally well as slightly larger hormonally disruptive polyphenols like BPA. Neutral, to catch both alkaline and acid fumes (and to not oxidise your printer). And specs you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, from a large, well-known German manufacturer.

It’s not the cheapest carbon – rather the opposite – but hopefully it’s the optimal carbon. Because plastics are for making, not breathing.

Thank you for your support!


Some more background info about how to choose “good” carbon: Compare_Carbon

Technical data:

· CTC(wt.%): 80
· Surface area(m2/g): 1250
· Density: 420g/L
· Ball pan hardness: >98
· Benzene adsorption(wt.%): up to 48

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