Phaetus Rapido Hotend 2


Phaetus Rapido Hotend  2

The second version of the successful Phaetus Rapido Hotend.

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Phaetus Rapido Hotend  2

The second version of the successful Phaetus Rapido Hotend.


  • Aluminium heatsink
  • great heat dissipation
  • Titanium heat break
  • Titanium alloy supporting screw
  • extremely low heat conduction and high strength
  • Plated copper nozzle
  • high temperature resistant (Plus variant)
Excellent thermal insulation of the heat break

Eliminate any kind of heat creep which reduces significantly the risk of the filament clogging

Enhanced wear resistance

Designed to print fibre filled filaments (100kg+)

Plated copper extended heat block

A new rectangular heating unit achieves a high heating efficiency and reliability (200C in just 35secs). Maximum printing temperature: 350C (Plus version)

Realize faster printing speed

The newly designed heater-block has a long heating area which allows for high volumetric flow rates of up to 75mm³/secs (UHF variant). With these flow rates (most of) your 3D printers can be pushed to their limits.

Detachable temperature sensor

The temperature sensor can be replaced (NTC or PT1000)

One handed nozzle change

The titanium-alloy screws with their low thermal conductivity create a rigid coupling of the heater-block and heatsink. This rigid structure allows for convenient one-handed nozzle changes

High-flow to ultra-high-flow in a few simple turns

Not all 3D models need to be 3D printed at high-speeds. This is why you can easily switch between the high-flow and ultra-high-flow Rapido 2 by using the copper-nickel-plated nut adapter. Choose the optimal flow rate with a few simple turns.

Difference Rapido to Rapido 2 hot ends:

  • Rapido 2 has the same shape and size as the Rapido
  • Rapido 2 is compatible with the same printer models as Rapido
  • Rapido 2 has the same appearance as Rapido
  • Users can replace Rapido with Rapido 2 directly

Accessories included:

  • M2.5*8.0 Hexagon Socket Head Screw x4
  • M2.5*5 Custom Countersunk Hexagon Socket Screw x2
  • M2*1.8 Custom Semicircular Head with Gasket Screws x1
  • Black Heatblock Extension Cord x1
  • White Thermistor Extension Cord x1
  • Plated Copper Nut x1 (UHF version only)
  • UHF Silicone Sock x1 (UHF version only)
  • H10.0 Open – Ended Wrench x1 (UHF version only)
  • 1.5 / 2.0 Hexagon Rod x1
  • Bowden Collet x1
  • Collet Clips x1





Additional information

Weight0.21 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 4 cm

Black, Blue, Magenta


Rapido 2, Rapido 2 Plus

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