Voron 0.2 Wiring Harness made by LINNEO


Voron 0.1 Linneo Harness - multi colour
Voron 0.2 Wiring Harness made by LINNEO US$55.95

A Linneo Wiring Harness is custom made and has a dispatch time of  up to 4 weeks! 

Are you not really a wiring guy, don’t like crimping? Here’s the solution: the Voron 0.2 wiring harness. Perfectly fitted for your Voron printer, made in Europe by LINNEO to highest quality standards. This gives you the advantage of short delivery times but at the same time a high customisation level to match your printer configuration.

The Voron 0.2 Heluflon harness is made from 0.25mm2 (0.5mm2 for heater wires) FEP cable. It is terminated with JST or Molex connectors and fully labelled. The necessary connector counter parts also included.

The harness is compatible with the SKR Pico & SKR Mini.

You can choose the colour of the sleeving (black, blue, green, orange or red). All harnesses will come in two colours of wiring: main wire colour black plus contrast wires in the same colour as the selected sleeve.

You can check the FAQ section which parts of the wiring are included and how to use the harness correctly.

If you need any more adjustments, let us know and we can get the loom even more customised for you.

The Linneo 0.2 wiring harnesses are not compatible with the Umbilical PCBs (please buy the Linneo Umbilical Harness instead).

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 5 cm

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow








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