Voron 2.4 Misumi Frame Set (with corner blocks)


Voron 2.4 Frame Set from Misumi, based on Voron design specs.

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Original Voron 2.4 Misumi Frame Set

  • Available in natural aluminium anodized or aluminium black anodized.
  • All extrusions professionally pre-tapped and drilled by Misumi (unlike some other Misumi frame sets sold which are DIY produced at home).
  • comes with four corner blocks for the bed extrusions
  • Includes 16 “alignment aids” to help you square the frame
  • Sizes: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm (other sizes can be ordered on request, please contact us)

Sizes and Misumi Part Numbers for Voron 2.4 Frame Sets (based on vorondesign.com bill of material):

Voron 2.4 (250mm):

  • 4x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-430-LCP-RCP
  • 10x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-370-TPW
  • 2x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-350
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-330
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-240

Voron 2.4 (300mm):

  • 4x Misumi HFSB5-2020-480-LCP-RCP
  • 10x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-420-TPW
  • 2x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-400
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-380
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-290

Voron 2.4 (350mm):

  • 4x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-530-LCP-RCP
  • 10x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-470-TPW
  • 2x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-450
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-430
  • 1x Misumi HFS(B)5-2020-340



Weight N/A
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, Silver


250mm2, 300mm2, 350mm2



Printer Compatibility

Voron 2.4


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