Happy birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday OneTwo3D

Two years ago in the middle of Covid lockdown I decided to build a new 3D printer. I had (and still have…) an Ender 5 at this point in time. Voron came quite quickly to the top of my list as the printer of choice. But  I realised that it was quite difficult (and expensive) to get hands on 3D printer components in the UK (Brexit didn’t really help with that). So I started ordering some components (more than I needed…) and selling them on and there it was onetwo3d.co.uk started to live without any business plan, long-term planning or me having any experience in opening and running a business. Besides that I’m having a full-time job, was volunteering a lot in ambulance service during the pandemic and setting up the store was keeping me really busy. And still there we are: Happy 2nd Birthday OneTwo3D

Now two years later, things have settled in and onetwo3d has become a well known 3D printer shop in the UK. Based on the feedback from you (without my customers all of that wouldn’t really be possible…) the shop was quite a valuable add-on to the local Voron community.

And believe it or not… I’m still building on my 3D printer (a Voron Trident). But we are getting closer 😛

So thank you to all my customers, suppliers, friends on Discord: without you onetwo3d wouldn’t be what it is now 🙂


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