Revo LGX

Revo meets LGX

After its first cooperation with Bondtech for their Revo High Flow nozzles, E3D is now doing it again and introducing the Revo LGX series: Revo meets LGX Revo LGX is a collaboration between E3D and Bondtech, combining Rapidchange Revo technology with the popular LGX extruder to create a highly performant package with access to the […]

Zodiac by E3D nozzles

Zodiac by E3D

New on OneTwo3D: Zodiac Nozzles by E3D After its acquisition of the German/Austrian Zodiac 3D, E3D has now started to sell Zodiac nozzles through their own distribution channels (i.e. OneTwo3D :-)) Zodiac nozzles are targeting the premium 3D printer market and exist in two variations: CRB and Pro. Zodiac CRB CRB nozzles are designed with […]

Happy birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday OneTwo3D

Two years ago in the middle of Covid lockdown I decided to build a new 3D printer. I had (and still have…) an Ender 5 at this point in time. Voron came quite quickly to the top of my list as the printer of choice. But  I realised that it was quite difficult (and expensive) […]

Chaoticlab CNC Tool-free, XY-Axis Tensioner for Voron 2.4

ChaoticLab Products on OneTwo3D

We are now selling some of the great ChaoticLab products on OneTwo3D, a great addition to our product portfolio. Do you want to improve your xy- or z-belt tensioner system with a tool-free adjustable one, or add the ChaoticLab CNC machined version of the VoronTap to your printer, we have them for you in stock.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday OneTwo3D

One year onetwo3d… I never thought I would be saying this when we started a year ago (onetwo3d was more an accident than a planned business…). There were lots ups and downs and if you believe it or not, running a 3D printer parts shop is fun but by far not the money making machine […]

Meet the Team at OneTwo3D

Did you ever want to know who is doing logistics, purchasing, customer support, accounting, IT,… at Today is the day and we are lifting the secret: Meet the team at OneTwo3D Jana, our in house accounting expert Janik, logistics is his world Janet, managing the great customer support at OneTwo3D Janis, our in house […]


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