Revo LGX

Revo meets LGX

After its first cooperation with Bondtech for their Revo High Flow nozzles, E3D is now doing it again and introducing the Revo LGX series: Revo meets LGX

Revo LGX is a collaboration between E3D and Bondtech, combining Rapidchange Revo technology with the popular LGX extruder to create a highly performant package with access to the most printing-friendly HotEnd solutions on the market.

Why LGX?

If you already have an LGX set-up, you’re no longer excluded from the Revo revolution. Simply add the Revo Interface plug to your pre-existing LGX and you’re ready to go with our most popular HotEnd to date.

E3D Revo LGX Adaptor

Why Revo?

The Revo ecosystem now has an impressive array of nozzles including standard brass, brass high flow, along with ObXidian for abrasive printing needs, making this upgrade an excellent choice for your printer.

You’ll see several additions to the Revo system in the coming weeks and months, addressing every market need. LGX users will be perfectly placed to take advantage of the most flexible and accessible hotside system on the market.

Are you excited to see these kind of cooperations between different manufacturers?


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