Nevermore Scorch

Nevermore Scorch – for cleaner air when 3D printing

Nevermore is well known in the 3D printer market for their open-source air filtration systems and high-quality carbon pellets.
Now there’s something new from Nevermore, which sounds very exciting: Nevermore Scorch. It is an additive, which works at higher temperatures and against VOCs.
Anders, the founder of Nevermore 3D, has given a talk about air filtration on SMRRF 2023:
Why should you be concerned about VOCs?

VOCs are SMALL. Small enough to directly activate our olfactory (smell) receptors, move from alveoli to blood and affect every organ/cell: Metabolically, they’re drugs.

VOCs are heterogenous – some are good, some are bad, some are neither. Some can be degraded, some accumulate. VOCs are case-by-case contaminants.

A safe ”VOC” level is impossible to determine – while regular household air should not exceed 400 ppb, regular household air doesn’t usually has the composition of molten plastics – a common VOC meter cannot differ between harmful and harmless VOCs: 4000 ppb of water vapor is harmless, 500 ppb of benzene is harmful.

And here comes Nevermore Scorch
Nevermore Scorch is an advanced air filtration media, designed for the unique demands of 3D printer chambers, especially at elevated temperatures.
Scorch works best at high temperatures
Traditional carbon filters become less effective above 50°C and are significantly less efficient above 60°C. Nevermore Scorch adds the heat resistance regular carbon lacks, and when mixed into carbon increases the range of VOCs that can be caught, making a carbon/scorch mix the best filtering solution for all filament/resin types.
What’s in it and how does it work?
This product is a zeolite-based, highly microporous adsorption medium, enhanced with potassium permanganate (KMnO4). This combination can not only bind VOCs permanently, but even transform toxins like styrene – a major VOC in ABS filaments – into harmless potassium benzoate (food additive). The process is not harmed by high chamber temps, but accelerated, making Nevermore Scorch ideal for heated 3D printer chambers!
Scorch colour changes from bright purple to a dullish grey as its slowly being spent, giving a perfect visual indication of when its time to swap filter media!
Scorch 3
How to mix it?
You need to mix Scorch with your existing carbon pellets, based on the chamber temperatures you are working with:
  • Below 35°C: 90% Carbon / 10% Scorch
  • 40°C ± 5°C: 75% Carbon / 25% Scorch
  • 50°C ± 5°C: 50% Carbon / 50% Scorch
  • 60°C ± 5°C: 25% Carbon / 75% Scorch
  • Above 65°C: 100% Scorch
Where to get it from?

Of course OneTwo3D has Scorch already 🙂

If you want to “try before buy”, or talk to the guy who came up with it, visit us on SMRRF this weekend and meet Anders or listen to his talk on Sunday.

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