Nevermore Scorch

Nevermore Scorch – for cleaner air when 3D printing

Nevermore is well known in the 3D printer market for their open-source air filtration systems and high-quality carbon pellets. Now there’s something new from Nevermore, which sounds very exciting: Nevermore Scorch. It is an additive, which works at higher temperatures and against VOCs. Anders, the founder of Nevermore 3D, has given a talk about air filtration on […]

Nevermore StealthMax

Clean Air is Important

The Smelly Issue 3D printing is fun but several studies show (e.g. this one) , that especially fumes generated by melting ABS which contain a mixture of different chemicals, incl. styrene and ultrafine particles, aren’t the best for your health. That leads to the conclusion: Clean air is important, especially indoors. So what to do? […]

Voron Tap is here

Voron Tap is here – the best probe ever?

In the past bed probing meant always compromising in the one or the other way: mechanical probes with breaking switches, inductive probes being fried due to their proximity to the printer’s hotend. On top of that the probing was always done offset to the nozzle of the printhead, which in itself leads to slight inaccuracies. […]

Full Voron 0.1 Kit by LDO

Do you want a Voron 0.1 but not hunting for parts? Being sure everything you use to build your printer fits and has been tested to work together? But still want highest quality parts? Look no further, here it is: the Voron 0.1 kit made by LDO. Consisting of highest quality components for a really […]

Voron 2.4 XY Endswitch PCB with POD (mounted)

New Voron 2.4 Endstop PCBs have arrived

A new batch of Voron 2.4 XY Endstop PCBs has arrived. They will make it much easier (and tidier) to wire-up the endswitches for your Voron 2.4 printer. The boards come in two variants: one with Omron microswitches (the mechanic way of life…), the other one with Hall Effect sensors for contactless switching. For mounting […]

Voron Afterburner Toolhead PCBs

Here we go, fresh from our PCB supplier. The Voron Afterburner Toolhead PCBs are just in, have a look in our shop. Designed by hartk (from the Voron Design group) especially for the Voron Afterburner Toolhead, they will help you to sort out much more easily the wiring harness from the controller board to your hotend. […]


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