Bondtech OEM RIDGA V2


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Bondtech OEM RIDGA V2
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Bondtech OEM RIDGA V2

Reduce the runout of the main drive gear on your Dual Drive extruder.

A very solid, reliable and improved solution from Bondtech that provides a slight improvement to the print surface quality.

Designed for the following Open Source extruders:

  • HextrudORT
  • Sherpa Mini
  • Voron Mini StealthBurner
Why a V2?

The OEM RIDGA V2 allows for ideal engagement between main gear and an 8T or 10T motor gear, while retaining a safe distance between the stepper motor and gear assembly.

When adapting this piece of hardware into your design, make sure to allow for a bit of axial play in both directions, in order for the filament path to retain some level of self-correction. The bearing facing the motor face should have about 0.4 mm of material between it and the motor face in order for the plastic gear to retain as much engagement as possible. Please contact us if you have further questions regarding integrations.

This main drive gear assembly set includes:

  • 1x 15166 OEM RIDGA Reversed Integrated Drive Gear Assembly;
  • 2x MR85ZZ 5x8x2.5mm ball bearing.

The OEM RIDGA V2 is designed to allow for maximum compatibility with the following Open Source extruders:

  • HextrudORT;
  • Sherpa Mini;
  • Voron Mini StealthBurner.

It must be used with 5x8x2.5 mm ball bearings (INCLUDED).

This RIDGA, Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly, replaces the following mini drive train items:

  • Main shaft;
  • Main gear;
  • Set screw;
  • Primary drive gear.
Technical Specification
  • Shaft length: 26.6 +0/-0.05mm
  • Shaft length to support ball bearings : Main Gear side < 2.6mm – 2.8mm > drive gear teeth side
  • Filament teeth’s center to end of shaft : Main Gear side < 12.8mm – 13.8mm > drive gear teeth side
  • Number of drive gear teeth : 17
  • Drive gear teeth length : 4mm
  • Integrated drive gear Material: Hardened Steel
    Materials Compatibility:

    • Flexible : yes;
    • Rigid : yes;
    • Abrasive : yes.
  • Number of main gear teeth : 50
  • Main gear teeth length : 3mm
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