Fysetc Voron Tap Kit (5V/24V new PCB)


Fysetc Voron Tap Kit (5V/24V new PCB)

The new Voron Tap by the VoronDesign Team.

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Fysetc Voron Tap Kit (5V/24V new PCB)

The new Voron Tap by the VoronDesign Team.

What is the Voron Tap?

Voron Tap is a drop in replacement carriage for MGN-12 based Voron 2 and Trident printers.

Tap has a mechanism that allows the toolhead to push up, and this activates an optical switch.

The result is you can use the nozzle as both a z-endstop and bed probe.

Reliable precision that provides great first layers.


No more burned out inductive probes or failing microswitches, no more re-adjustments after each nozzle change, no separate bed probe and z-endstop needed.

Our kit includes:

  • 50mm MGN9H linear rail (stainless steel, medium pre-load)
  • Linneo 5V and 24V pre-wired and crimped (V2.4.2) Opto Tap PCB 
  • all hardware (fasteners, N52 magnets, etc.) needed (based on the VoronDesign BOM)
  • printed parts in black  & red ABS included


The Voron Tap probe requires a Voron 2.4 or Trident (not compatible with Switchwire and 0.1!) with a Stealthburner toolhead, compatible extruder (e.g. CW2, Bondtech LGX, etc.), 5V or 24V supply available at the toolhead and a MGN12H linear x-rail setup.

Here a video with the probe in action (thanks to Jon#4961 on Discord):


And here the VoronLive video with all the technical details:

And last but not least a great assembly & installation video by SteveBuilds:

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Weight 0.155 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2.5 cm
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Hardware only, Hardware & PCB, Hardware, PCB & Rail

Printed Parts included?

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5V, 24V








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