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Bigtreetech EBB SB2209

CAN bus toolhead board for the Voron Stealthburner with TMC2209 stepper driver.


  • Robust and Reliable: Using high-performance, 32-bit, 64 MHz MCUs from the industry-leading STM ensures rock-solid performance with CAN bus signaling that can support higher data rates over longer distances without errors.
  • Klipper supported CAN Bus Communication
  • Built-in TMC2209 Driver for the extruder motor
  • Voron Stealthburner Drop-in installation: Careful header spacing and location means that wiring will be a breeze. No need to solder anything thanks to the onboard header pins
  • Supports PT100/PT1000 thermistors
  • Onboard Temperature Sensor
  • 2 x 2 pins Fan, 1 x 4 pins Fan 5V/12V/24V Selection
  • On board CAN interface for future toolhead display: Add a secondary screen to the front cover of the extruder. Make your machine stand out of the crowd.

Wiring with Control Boards

  • Manta M8P + EBB SB2209 CAN + EBB SB0000 CAN
  • Octopus Pro + U2C + Raspberry Pi + EBB SB2209 CAN

What’s in the Box with the Bigtreetech EBB SB2240

  • EBB SB2209 CAN x1
  • EBB SB0000 CAN x 1
  • 3m CAN bus Cable x 1
  • Heat Sink x 1
  • DIY Crimp Terminal Set x 1
  • Jumper Cap Set x 1
  • Zip Ties x 2
  • Fixing Screw Set x 1

Additional information

Weight0.21 kg
Dimensions16 × 12 × 5 cm



2 reviews for Bigtreetech EBB SB2209

  1. SvB (verified owner)

    Good product with quick delivery

  2. rockines (verified owner)

    There are 3 quirks for this item:
    1. Those small connectors
    2. The stock printable CAN cable clamp is not included out of the box, and is not adequate. The XT30 (2+2) connector get loosen over time, eventually loss connection on the data pin whenever the tool-head is moving.
    3. The male pins to connect with the daughter board is on the main board. Meaning, there will be a bunch of exposed 24V pins hanging around when the board is connected to power and the daughter board not attached, waiting to be accidentally shorted. It is an unnecessary hazard for the few times that you forgot to turn the power off or need to see your extruder / print-head; especially, when all BTT need to do is to put the female connector on the main board and male on the daughter board.

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