Keenovo Heater Pad for Voron Printers


Keenovo Heater Pad for Voron Printers

Keenovo Heater Pad for Voron Printers US$34.95US$117.95

We designed this Keenovo Heater Pad to perfectly match the build plate of Voron printers.

It uses all available space under the build plate to provide a maximum heated area.

You can order these Keenovo heaters in four variants:

  • Voron 0.1 & 0.2 (60W, 24V DC)
  • Voron 1.8/Trident/2.4 250mm (300W, 230V AC)
  • Voron 1.8/Trident/2.4 300mm (400W, 230V AC)
  • Voron 1.8/Trident/2.4 350mm (500W, 230V AC)

The Keenovo Heater Pad comes with:

  • 3M or Lohmann adhesive backing
  • integrated NTC thermistor
  • integrated self-resettable thermo cut off (~150C)
  • Cut-out to mount a protective earth connection for the build plate and an additonal thermofuse
  • 1m open ended wires

The wattage is adjusted to the built plate size, so you don’t need to reduce the power output via Klipper settings (power factor 1).

There is no need for additional adhesives to mount the pad.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 cm

120mm2, 250mm2, 300mm2, 350mm2




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