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Rapido HF
Phaetus Rapido Hotend US$63.95US$68.95

The Phaetus Rapido Hotend features:

  • New heatblock design features a larger melt zone to suit the demands of high speed and high temperature printing.
  • Evenly heated thanks to cylindrical ceramic heating unit
  • Integral frame rigid structure of titanium alloy screws makes a lower heat conductivity possible, and enables an one-handed nozzle change.
  • Thin-walled heatbreak: eliminating heat creep and clogging, while realizing an excellent thermal insulation.
  • Unique structure design makes fast switching between high flow and ultra-high flow printheads possible.
  • Interchangeable design of different types of nozzles suit the demands of high temperature and fiber filaments printing

Product Details

Nozzle Diameter:HF: Plated copper 0.4/1.75mm, Hardened steel 0.4/1.75mm

UHF: Plated copper 0.4/1.75mm, Volcano Plated Copper 0.6/1.75mm

Material Processes:Aluminium heatsink Plated copper heat block
Heat Cartridge:Ceramic heating element
Thermistor:1O4NT-4-R025H42G / Element’s maximum heat resistance: 290°C
Net Weight:HF: 50.50g/ UHF: 53.65g
Applicable Materials:Compatible with all thermoplastic filaments, including but not limited to typical composite fiber filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PP,

PA, and PLA-CF, ABS-CF, PETG-CF, PA-CF/GF, as well as composite filaments such as steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and fluorescence

Accessories List:Collect Clip x 1 pcs

Bowden Collect x1 pcs

1.5 Hexagon Rod x 1 pcs

2.0 Hexagon Rod x1 pcs

M2.5*8.0 Hexagon Socket Head Screw x 4 pcs

M2.5*5 Custom Countersunk Hexagon Socket Screw x 2 pcs

M2*1.8 Custom Semicircular Head with Gasket Screws x1 pcs

Black Heatblock Extension Cord (810mm) x1 pcs

White Thermistor Extension Cord (910mm) x1 pcs

Plated Copper Nut x 1 pcs (UHF Version Only)

UHF Silicone Sock x 1 pcs (UHF Version Only)

Phaetus Volcano Plated Copper Nozzle 0.6mm x1 pcs (UHF Version Only) H10.0 Open – Ended Wrench x1 pcs (UHF Version Only)

Adaptation Models:Seamlessly adapted to all Prusa models

Other models can be assembled with adapters

More information (incl. product model download links) on the Phaetus Website.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 6 cm

Black, Blue

Flow Rate

high flow, ultra-high-flow


280C (NTC), 350C (PT1000)





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