ToqueCAN for RaspberryPi


ToqueCAN for RaspberryPi comes with CAN, USB, 24V to 5V regulator, Pi fan, Neopixel control. Supports Klipper and Candlelight firmwares.

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ToqueCAN for RaspberryPi

Discover the ToqueCAN for RaspberryPi – the innovative accessory designed to supercharge your 3D printer’s capabilities. This open-source toque*  developed by xbst (Isik) is a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a suite of features that streamline your printing process and enhance your machine’s functionality.

*Toque: almost like a PI hat, but has no EEPROM

Due to a misunderstanding during manufacturing, this ToqueCAN has no GPIO passthrough, please keep this in mind when ordering (can be fixed by resoldering a new pin header):


Product Highlights:

  • CAN Bus Integration: Equipped with a CAN transceiver and two CAN connectors for robust communication.
  • USB Hub: A 3-port USB hub expands your connectivity options for peripherals.
  • Power Regulation: A 24V to 5V 5A regulator ensures your Raspberry Pi and USB devices are powered efficiently.
  • Cooling Fan Mount: Choose between a 30mm or 40mm fan mount with PWM speed control to keep your Pi cool under pressure.
  • Neopixel Control: Add some flair to your printer with customizable lighting options.
  • Firmware Support: Compatible with Klipper and Candlelight firmwares, allowing for a wide range of uses.

Why Choose ToqueCAN?

  • Open-Source Community: Benefit from the collective wisdom and continuous improvements from a vibrant community.
  • Versatile Design: Designed for 3D printers with many CAN devices, 24V power, and small electronics chambers.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested to ensure reliability and performance.

In the Box:

  • ToqueCAN PCB
  • M2.5 standoffs
  • Screws and threaded inserts
  • JST-XH and MX3.0 connectors (with pins)
  • Pin header jumpers
  • 180° USB adapter for cleaner cable management
  • USB A to C adapter cable (25cm)

Note: The kit does not include a fan (you can get a 3010 or 4010 fan in our shop) or 3D printed fan mount (download here).

Upgrade your 3D printer with the ToqueCAN for RaspberryPi and experience a new level of control and customization. Join the future of 3D printing today.

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