Voron Trident

Today was another big day in the Voron history. Not only has Voron serial #3000 been assigned but also the long awaited successor of the Voron 1.8 has been presented, the Voron Trident.

It is an imporved version of the 1.8 with an clear upgrade path in mind and also keeping the price roughly the same to the 1.8.

The main changes are affecting the x/y assembly (which is now more or less identical to the Voron 2.4) and the Z assembly which uses now linear rails and three stepper motors instead of two.

You can already purchase the wiring harness for the Voron Trident in our online shop here. The LDO stepper motor set and linear rails will also be available from end of August. The Misumi frame can also be ordered within the next few days on OneTwo3D.

If you want to see the whole presention, have a look at the recording of the Vorondesign live stream on Youtube:

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