Voron Tap is here

Voron Tap is here – the best probe ever?

In the past bed probing meant always compromising in the one or the other way: mechanical probes with breaking switches, inductive probes being fried due to their proximity to the printer’s hotend. On top of that the probing was always done offset to the nozzle of the printhead, which in itself leads to slight inaccuracies. And of course every nozzle change leads to the need to adjust your probe offset again. And there we are:  Voron Tap is here – the best probe ever? No mechanical switches, no inductive probes, using the nozzle itself for probing. Sounds too perfect to be true? We will see… but the specs on paper look impressive:

  • Extreme precision 0.4μm (0.0004mm)
  • Any build surface and easily change at will
  • Durability via optical sensor (millions of probe cycles)
  • High temperature reliability (70C to 100C)
  • Simplified probe mechanics (no dock/undock macros)
  • No separate Z-endstop required
  • Crash protection
What is the Voron Tap?

Voron Tap is a nozzle-based z-probe for the V2.4 and Trident printer designs (not for the Switchwire and 0.x so).

How does it work?

The entire toolhead moves to trigger an optical switch. To make the toolhead still “stable” enough for printing and harsh acceleration, it is held back by strong magnets.

Voron Tap is here – the best probe ever?

If you are really interested in how it works and how accurate it is, have a look at the official announcement made by the VoronDesign team.

Where can I get it?

We on onetwo3d have several products to help you building your VoronTap:

So go ahead and try it yourself… and let’s see if “Voron Tap is here – the best probe ever?” is the correct thing to say.


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