BIGTREETECH EBB 36 CAN Bus Expansion Board

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BIGTREETECH EBB 36 CAN Bus Expansion Board for Klipper with PT1000 support.

Can be used to connect your controller board via CAN to this expansion board (reduced wire count, better signal quality).

The board supports:

  • 2- or 4-wire PT100 or PT1000 thermistor (MAX31865)
  • NTC thermistor
  • RGB port for illumination
  • onboard ADXL345 accelerometer
  • ESD & surge protection
  • onboard TMC2209 driver
  • probe, endstop, 2x FAN, 1x Hotend connectors
  • USB, CAN (incl. termination resistor), I2C
  • 24C power supply

All counterpart connectors and pins are included (excl. USB)!

If your controller board doesn’t support CAN bus (and Klipper supports this CAN bus interface) you will need additionally a CAN-to-USB board, to connect to your Raspberry Pi.

Warning for V1.1: You must disconnect Vin when updating the firmware (or every time the board is for a longer period in DFU mode). Whilst in DFU mode, the board will activate the heater MOSFET which can lead to overtemperature of the hotend heater cartridge. In normal operation mode, there is no issue.



Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 cm



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