Linneo Stealthburner Rainbow Barf & 2x RGBW LED harness (internal)


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Linneo Stealthburner Rainbow Barf & 2x RGBW LED harness (internal)

Ok, sure, it’s pretty cool to have the Voron logo on the StealthBurner light up. And, yeah, it’s even cooler to have it change colours. But wouldn’t it be even cooler still to have it do this?

The Rainbow Barf Logo LED is a small PCB, approximately the size of a typical single 5050 WS2812 “Neopixel” PCB, but holding eight miniature protocol-compatible LEDs positioned to match the logo cut-out on the StealthBurner.

This gives you the possibility to programmatically address each part of the logo lighting independently! Imagine the possibilities!

Linneo added the wiring to it, so it is plug’n’play for your Stealthburner toolhead. It can be combined with any Linno 2.4/Trident wiring harness, or the LED extension harness.

More info on Github




Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm


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