Stealthburner Toolhead PCB by HartK


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Stealthburner Toolhead PCB by HartK

This is the update to the Afterburner toolhead board for the Clockwork2 extruder and Stealthburner. The toolhead PCB is compatible with all new Linneo wiring harnesses. It comes with all necessary pins and counterpart connectors.

24V – HE0 +V
PROBE – Probe/Klicky Signal Pin
HE0 – Hotend Heater -V
5V – 5V
PCF – Part Cooling Fan -V
HEF – Hotend Cooling Fan -V
AGND – Hotend Thermistor -V
TH0 – Hotend Thermistor Signal Pin (TH0)
AUX – Auxillary
S1A – Red Stepper Wire
S2A – Green Stepper Wire
S1B – Blue Stepper Wire
S2B – Black Stepper Wire
LED – Neopixel Data Pin
FS – ERCF Filament sensor

Options for Aux Pin
The aux pin of the Stealthburner Toolhead PCB by HartK can be used for a couple different things , it can be used for an X endstop on the toolhead if you are going with the umbililcal , to do this you need to wire up the x endstop as shown here:


The aux pin can also be used as a header for a plugged in chamber thermistor , to do this you need to wire the thermistor up as shown here:


More info on Git.



Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm


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