Tool-Head PCB for Voron Afterburner (V3.rabbit)


Tool-Head PCB for Voron Afterburner (V3.rabbit)
Tool-Head PCB for Voron Afterburner (V3.rabbit) US$4.95US$18.95
Tool-Head PCB for Voron Afterburner (V3.rabbit)

This is the latest version of the Tool-Head PCB for Voron Afterburner (V3.rabbit) a.k.a ERCF version which includes connections for the EnragedRabbitProject multimaterial feeder. It has also solder jumpers on the back to select 24v or 5v for fans and probes. The fan and probe jumpers come as default set to 24v if you want a different voltage you will need to cut the trace and solder the other side. Except these changes, the PCB supports all the HartK Tool-Head PCB fetures of the “standard” V3.2 version.

Clean up the wiring harness for your Voron Afterburner by using this Tool-Head PCB (designed by hartk#1213).

The product is available:
  • Fully assembled (PCB with SMDs and other discrete components and connectors soldered on) and the cable loom connector with crimp terminals
  • The PCB (with SMD components pre-assembled) and other components and connectors included seperately, which can be soldered on by the customer.
  • PCB only (with SMD components pre-assembled)
The board design includes:
  • One BAT85 Diode for the ABL probe
  • An indicator LED to show when the hotend is active
  • Several 2/3/4 JST XH pin headers for most components on the toolhead
  • One 2 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the heater (incl. the fitting counterpart connector)
  • One additional 2 Pin Microfit 3.0 and 3pin JST XH connector for support of the ERCF multimaterial feeder
  • One 0805 pkg thermistor (chamber temperature sensor)
  • One 14 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the main wiring loom back to the MCU (incl. the fitting counterpart connector)

The board was designed to make wiring the toolhead a bit easier. As a result it is helping to reduce the amount of crimping contacts needed and to clean up the cable harness. It is fully compatible with the Linneo wiring harnesses.

The board has provisions for the X endstop, which makes it compatible with the Voron V1, V2, and Switchwire

The STL for the 3D mount is available on GitHub.

Here you can also find an improved version of the cover plate (it seems to be working better than the original HartK one).

You can find more infos on the Toolhead PCB on its project page on GitHub.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2.5 cm

no (PCB & parts), no (PCB only), yes (fully assembled)






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