Voron Trident Linear Rail Kit by LDO


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New: The latest version of the LDO linear rails are now made from stainless steel, instead of bearing steel (Gr15). That means no more oxidising rails.

LDO Linear Rails for the Voron Trident:

  • Voron Trident 250mm: 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-300Z0, 5x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0
  • Voron Trident 300mm: 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-350Z0, 3x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0, 2x LDO-SLR9H-1R-350Z0
  • Voron Triden 350mm: 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-400Z0, 3x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0, 2x LDO-SLR9H-1R-400Z0
  • Stainless steel
  • Incl. carriage
  • Type: MGN12H, MGN9H

Please make sure to clean the rails with a piece of cloth and then lubricate them with lithium grease before installation.




250mm2, 300mm2, 350mm2


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