Voron 2.4 XY Endswitch PCB with POD (mounted)

New Voron 2.4 Endstop PCBs have arrived

A new batch of Voron 2.4 XY Endstop PCBs has arrived.

They will make it much easier (and tidier) to wire-up the endswitches for your Voron 2.4 printer.

The boards come in two variants: one with Omron microswitches (the mechanic way of life…), the other one with Hall Effect sensors for contactless switching.

For mounting the Microswitch PCB will need a different POD design, the stl can be found here.

You will need some M3x8 and M3x30 screws to fix the PCB and POD to your printer, which are included in the package if you buy the boards from us.

The design is based on the VoronHardware team’s projects:

  • Microswitch XY Endstop on GitHub
  • Hall Effect XY Endstop on GitHub

Both Voron 2.4 XY Endstop PCBs can be purchased fully assembled in our shop (Microswitch variant & Hall Effect variant).

Voron 2.4 XY Endswitch PCB (front)
Voron 2.4 XY Microswitch Endstop PCB
Voron 2.4 XY Hall Effect Endstop PCB
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