BIGTREETECH EZ2209 Stepper Driver


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BIGTREETECH EZ2209 Stepper Driver
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BIGTREETECH EZ2209 Stepper Driver

The EZ2209 is a pluggable stepper motor driver module designed by Bigtreetech with excellent performance, convenient plugging and unplugging, simply beautiful and practical.

  • StealthChop can realize quieter operation of the motor when running at low speed. It is recommended to select it when the maximum speed of the motor is lower than 300RPM
  • SpreadCycle can achieve quietness and low power consumption in a wide range of speed and torque. It is recommended to select it when the maximum speed of the motor exceeds 300RPM
  • StallGuard2™: It can be used for motor stall detection when there is no limit switch (limit switch is recommended)
  • The newly developed board frame is used to match the new connector, so that customers can experience the easy plug’n’play compared to the traditional drivers with pins
  • Adopt a new type of customized heat sink to enhance the heat dissipation capacity while protecting the driver chip from external damage
Technical Data:
  • Driver Chip: TMC2209-LA
  • Supported Voltage: 12-24V
  • Max Current: 2A
  • Recommended Current: <= 1.3A
  • Operation mode: UART Mode
  • Sensing Resistance: 0.11R
  • Stealth Chop Mode
  • Spread Cycle
  • Stall Guard
  • Max. Subdivision: 256
  • Size: 18.5×19.8mm

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