Bigtreetech Octopus Pro controller board



The Bigtreetech Octopus Pro controller board (F446), developed for your Voron printer:

It supports Klipper and Marlin and provides space for up to 8 stepper drivers on one controller board in STEP/DIR, UART or SPI mode.

The main controller is a 32-bit ARM-level Cortex-M4 series processor with a frequency of up to 180MHz (STM32F446ZET6)

Other specs are:

  • Supply voltage: 15-28VDC (controller board and stepper drivers)
  • Stepper input voltage: 12 – 48V (officially up to 60V but that’s extremely close to the built in capacitor specifications, so we cannot recommend going up to this limit) for stepper drivers
  • 5 NTC plus one 2/4 wire PT100/PT1000 temperature sensor interfaces
  • Supported Wifi Module: ESP8266 (MAX500k/s)
  • Displays supported: BTT LFT screen, LCD12864, LCD2004, etc.
  • PC communications interfaces: USB-C with configurable BAUD rate, CAN interface (for future use)
  • Expansion interfaces: 2x Fil-DET, PWR-DET, PS-ON, BL Touch, etc.
  • 6 PWM controllable fan interfaces, 3 selectable fan voltages
  • Thermistor input protection
  • 4 hotend heater connectors
  • 6 endstop switch connectors
  • Size: 16cmx10cm (mounting holes: 15cmx9cm)

More information on the Bigtreetech Octopus Pro V1.0 controller in the GIT repository.

What’s in the box:

Board only: the Octopus Pro, USB-C cable, 10x jumpers, BTT rubber duck 🙂

Variants with stepper drivers: additionally 8x selected stepper driver module (TMC2209 V1.2 or QHV5160)



Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm
Stepper Driver

8x TMC2209, 8x QHV5160, 5x TMC2209 & 3x QHV5160, 6x TMC2209 & 2x QHV5160, board only


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