ERCF Binky PCB by mneuhaus



The new improved filament encoder for the ERCF designed by mneuhaus.

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ERCF Binky
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The new improved filament encoder for ERCF designed by mneuhaus.

The Enraged Rabbit Project (ERCF) is a multi-material solution for 3D printers that uses a single direct drive toolhead. It is compatible with VORON printers and any printer that runs Klipper or RRF firmware. ERCF uses a filament encoder to detect and correct filament movement errors.

One of the user mods for ERCF is the Binky encoder. It replaces the original TCRT5000 encoder which has caused some issues for some users. The Binky encoder uses a slotted wheel and an Omron sensor to measure the filament movement with a resolution of 1mm/pulse. It also has a LED indicator and a Schmitt filter to prevent false readings.

The Binky encoder is easy to install and configure: it comes with a detailed readme file that explains how to print the parts, assemble the encoder, and calibrate it.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate filament encoder for your ERCF setup, the Binky encoder is a great option. It will improve your multi-material printing experience and reduce the risk of print failures. You can find more information about the Binky encoder and other ERCF usermods on the GitHub page of the project.



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