Linneo DIY Voron Wiring Kit


The Linneo DIY Voron Wiring Kit contains everything you need (based on the Vorondesign BOM) to build your own Voron wiring harness. If you like crimping, but not shopping around the internet for wires, connectors, crimps, etc. that’s the kit you need. It contains all parts of the BOM for the Voron 2.4r2 and Voron Trident. Of course we are also offering our fully made up wiring harnesses for your Voron, if you prefer to get the “ready-to-go” solution.

Content of the kit:

Name  Brand (Part Number) Qty
24AWG 0,25 Linneoflon (meters) 70
20AWG 0,5 Linneoflon (meters) 9
18AWG 0,75 PVC wire 5×1.25 meters 1
Insulated Crimp Receptical   TE Connectivity(2-520184-2) 10
M5 Ring Terminal 5
Spade Crimp Terminal 25
0.75mm Ferrules 10
JST XH Connector Plug 4 Position JST(XHP-4) 10
JST XH Connector Plug 3 Position JST(XHP-3) 10
JST XH Connector Plug 2 Position JST(XHP-2) 15
JST XH Pin JST(SXH-001T-P0.6N) 60
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 4 Position Molex(436400401) 4
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 3 Position Molex(436400301) 3
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 2 Position Molex(436400201) 5
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 4 Position Molex(43645400) 4
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 3 Position Molex(436450300) 3
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 2 Position Molex(436450200) 5
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 2 Position Vertical Molex(430250200) 1
MicroFit3 Connector Pug 14 Position Molex(430251400) 1
MicroFit3 Female Pin Molex(430300001) 60
MicroFit3 Male Pin Molex(430310001) 60
Wago 2 slots Wago(221-412) 6
Wago 5 slots Wago(221-415) 3
Nylon Cable Ties for Voron 50
Cable Tie Bases with glue 5
RGBCW LEDs for Stealthburner (SK6812) 3
Linneo Heat Shrink tubes and labels pack 1
Linneo Pin Tool 1

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 17 × 3.5 cm

Black, Red








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