Nevermore Activated Carbon Filters – Micro Edition (V4)


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Nevermore Micro V4
Nevermore Activated Carbon Filters - Micro Edition (V4) US$25.95
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All you need to build your Nevermore Activated Carbon  Filter – Mirco Edition (V4).

The fans included in this kit are genuine Sunon 12V (be careful with 24V Sunon 5015 blowers, as Sunon doesn’t provide them, see here)!

This kit includes all parts needed to build the filter assembly (excl. 3D printed parts)


  • 1x 5015 blowers (rating 200Pa / 20mmH2O / 1 inH2O): Sunon Maglev MF5015VX (12V, high speed version, 6000 rpm)
  • 4x Heatset inserts (M3x5mm)
  • 8x 3×6 cylindrical magnets
  • 1x 2 pin JST header
  • 2x M3x10 SHCS
  • 2x M3x6 BHCS
  • 2x M3x12 SHCS
  • 2x M3 2020 T-Nuts
  • 1 bag of Nevermore Acid-free Activated Carbon (750ml)

More information about the Nevermore filters on Git.

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