You don’t like Crimping? Read on…

I know that many of you love wiring up their Voron printers, crimp loads of connectors and enjoy this a lot (tbh I’m one of these ;-)).

But I’m also very aware that there are many who have a crimpo-phobia and would do everything to avoid touching a crimping tool if they can.

And here’s the solution for you:
We will be offering ready made harnesses for your Voron 0.1, 1.8, 2.4 and Switchwire printers. The first ones will be arriving within the next two weeks.

They can be individualised to your choice in

  • colour,
  • controller board
  • type of extrusion used (direct drive or bowden)
  • if you are connecting to our Afterburner PCB or not
  • Additional individual changes can be made on demand

The harnesses are made from Heluflon wire, terminated with orignal Molex and JST-type connectors, produced to high quality standards in Europe, and will have a short delivery time.

So no reason anymore not to build a Voron because you don’t like the crimping 😉

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