Linneo CAN harness (coiled umbilical)


Linneo CAN harness (coiled umbilical)

Pre-made FEP CAN harness consisting out of twisted CAN-H & CAN-L wires plus two wires for 24V supply made from coiled PVC IGUS wire covered in protective sleeve for umbilical use. A second FEP wire based harness will connect the umbilical harness to the controller board under the deck.


  • Molex connector (for BTT EBB36 & EBB42) . Huvud (needs re-pinning of the Molex connector in a different order, get the Linneo pin tool if you need a Molex un-pin tool or let me know, Linneo can produce the Huvud variant on demand)
  • XT30 connector (for Fysetc SB2040, BTT EBB SB2209 and EBB SB2240). Fysetc: 24V and GND lines will need to be reversed

For maximum flexibility the harness has on the controller board side two fork connectors for 24V & GND and two ferrule connectors for CAN-H & CAN-L.

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Molex connector, XT30 connector




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